R&D Team

Each products is created with care by hardware and software parts R&D team.

Advanced production

The fully automatic production line ensures that each one is a fine product.

Full-range Quality Inspection

Each product goes through dozens of strict inspection.

Why choose us?

  • With 15 after-sales service points worldwide, we provide comprehensive after-sales service.
  • Three major R&D teams: product design, hardware R&D and software R&D.
  • With advanced automatic production equipment to provide stable product quality and production capacity.
  • Our strict quality control protocol thoroughly vets every aspect of production, storage, and shipments all the way to way to our end-customers. Authorization of Product Certificate is provided: CE, RoHS, FCC, etc…

Company profile

With the advocacy of quality and the pursuit of excellence, DT NO.I insists on providing users with high-quality products integrated with latest technology, data-driven innovations and market trend to achieve the best wearable products solution to date. With our company cooperation concept of Customer Service, Quality and Innovation Always Comes First. That is why and how the brand named as DT NO.I (DT means Data Technology, DT era serves the public and stimulates productivity). DT NO.I is now one of the fastest growing companies in smart wearable industry. Our products have been sold to more 20 countries and areas worldwide. DT NO.I strives to be a leading brand in smart wearable industry, bring our customers with efficient and favorable products continuously.


Made For Fashion Girls – DT66 Presents

Wearing a watch makes us feel like we have more potential, maybe it’s because a timepiece is a symbol of maturity and punctuality (even if we’re habitually five minutes late or even more to everything).

What makes a man looks decent on wearing a watch?

Each of us is inseparable from social interaction, which gives everyone a different identity and label. With the popularity of fashion trends, more and more men begin to pay attention to their own image in social interaction, relying on clothing, accessories, etc. to show their charm. There are not many accessories that men can choose, and watches can be said to be ranked first. The wearing of a men’s watch is closely related to social etiquette. Come and take a look at the following details. Have you noticed it?

Make your Social Manners Looks Smarter

Nowadays many people are wearing a smart watch for an more convenient and easier life. Checking telephone can be discourteous, while checking your watch could be, smart in a way. Supplanting that with a snappy look at your wrist is speedier, and a way to show your manner. Smart watch maybe the smallest device you can wear when connecting to the Web of Things, you can control your household applications through this small gadget, and the Internet of Things and ‘Shrewd Home’ innovation is just set to extend.

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