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With the advocacy of quality and the pursuit of excellence, DT NO.I insists on providing users with high-quality production integrated with latest technology, data-driven innovations and market trend to achieve the best wearable products solution to date. With our company cooperation concept of Customers, Customer Service, Quality and Innovation Always comes First. That is why and how the brand would become DT NO.I (DT means Data Technology, DT era serves the public and stimulates productivity). DT NO.I is now one of the fastest growing companies in smart wearable industry. Our products have been sold to more 20 countries and areas worldwide. DT NO.I strives to be a leading brand in smart wearable industry with continuously bring our customers efficient and favorable products.

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Company profile

DT NO.I is a smart wearable Brand owned by Shenzhen Xinkeying Digital Co., Ltd, with advanced techniques and data technology to provide products like smartwatches and activity trackers. Our products are made of quality, precision and ingenuity. We have been dedicated to research, development, manufacturing and marketing of smart wearable technology for years.


OEM/ODM service

We focus not only on our research & development, but also welcome open collaborations. We provide OEM/ODM service and support for our network of retail and distributor partners.

Corporate locations

8F Block C, Han’s Innovation Building,9018 North Central Avenue, Nanshan District,Shenzhen,Guangdong, China


Shenzhen Xinkeying Digital Co., Ltd also owns Shenzhen Xingmaoxing Technology Co., Ltd. and Wade UK Technology Co., Ltd.

Our team members, from both at home and aboard, continue to grow, including our outstanding R&D team, who continuously bring our product to a number of independent research and development patents. DT NO.I has a rigorous and efficient quality assurance system and is recognized by international authorities, so that most of our products have got CE, RoHS, FCC and ISO 9001:2000,ISO14001 certificates, etc.

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