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DT NO.I now sincerely invites you to participate in the DT NO.I dial design competition and use technology to change our lives together.

Use your creativity and imagination to express your pursuit of trends, regardless of theme or style!

Requirement of watch face design


Digital/texture type watch faces to come with:

  1. 0-9 digital font design psd source file and slicing image file in bmp format (the pixel size needs to be a multiple of 8)
  2. Watch face background picture in bmp format


 Pointer type watch faces need to provide:

  1. Separate pointer slicing image file in bmp format
  2. Watch face background picture in bmp format


Some watch faces for your reference. What we have, we want to show you, to inspire your creativity, or your ideas.

Submit design

Submit your design here, and explain your design concept, we will be unified sorting out the selection of the works provided.

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Watch Face
Design Contest


Use your unique creativity to express respect and imagination for the time.

Each unique creativity is a kind of self-interpretation, an attitude to life!

DTNO.I, a creative stage set for you, let the beauty of your wisdom shine!

Entry requirements

  1. The designs should fully embody smart elements, combine with watch features and technology, and embody the rich connotations of smart life.
  2. Designer should fully consider the functionality, practicability, appreciation, recognition, creativity, artistry, and image extension of smart watches.
  3. Only original works accepted, and a briefly introduction of your design concept is appreciated.

Any theme, any topic is welcome! Your design direction can refer to the following aspects: the work should reflect uniqueness, combine artistry and fun, can show different cultural trends, make the dial full of fun, and allow users to get more information through the dial; You can also highlight a certain function from the professionalism, design more professional dials, such as sports, heart rate, and reflect your professionalism and meticulousness from the work.

Design rules

According to the appearance of the watch, design a watch face that can satisfy square and round screen display. Works include but are not limited to 3D, graphic design, illustration, animation and other forms. In terms of design and production, the watch face is made according to the following requirements, and all contestants need to provide:

The source files of the design. Designer need to keep the source files of the works (AI, PS, Sketch, C4D and other source files, and design elements such as icons and background images are layered independently and can be extracted and used separately). The size of the watch face is (420×485-square, 454×454-round)

Contest time


Sorry, our sale is over, see you next time

1. Contest start from: April 20, we have 1 month to receive as many designs as we can from you, and your designs will be posted to our official Facebook official page;
2. All the received designs will be posted on our official Facebook official page from May 20th, we will find out together the highest votes through voting activity;
3. Award announcement: The award announcement time is May 31.

Contest access

You can upload your work by filling in the form according to the content required on the website. Our staff will post your work on the Facebook page at an arranged time after receiving your work, and participate in the voting.

If your design files are over 50 MB, please go to Google Drive ( to generate download link. After generating the download/sharing link, attach it to the email with the Designer’s name and send it to the official event email:

2, The results of the contest will be announced on May 30, and the top three winners will be selected.

According to the results of the voting activity on the Facebook page, the first, second and third candidates will be generated according to the score of Likes. Any cheating behavior such as plagiarism will be regarded as giving up the contest qualification automatically. The DTNO.I team keeps the right of final interpretation.

Winner will get

$100 USD

First prize

$50 USD

Second Prize

$10 USD

Third Prize

Official Contact information of the event

For more information, please visit the official website:

FB group:

Official email:

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