DT68: A smartwatch combined with fun looking and rich features

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Compatibility: Android & iOS | Display: 1.2″ 240*240 full circle screen | Band sizes: 32mm | Battery duration: 7 days | Charging method: Magnetic charging | Waterproof Level: IP68 | Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.2 | Watchface: 20+ | RAM & ROM: 32MB and 128MB
Key features
DT68 packs way more features than a smartwatch costing this much should, and crams it all into a fun looking. The screen is a circular 1.2-inch 240×240 TFT colorful panel, recessed within an IP68 water and dust resistant casing. Two-tone finish looks fun, pairing dark and light grey, white and Rose gold as well off with Two-color TPU strap taking on the darker tone, keeping things classy.
Interacting with the DT68 is a tale of swipes and taps, and the story is illustrated with some fun graphics that visualize the weather and other UI elements. A handful of watch faces can also be accessed with a long press of the main screen, there’s a simple to navigate settings menu and when paired with an smart phone using Bluetooth. Bluetooth Connected with phone, which can realize message synchronization, and calls, information, QQ, WeChat, FACEBOOK and other information will be displayed instantly so that you don’t miss any important information.
We think what really sells for DT68 is the battery though. DT68 will keep you going for a whole week.
Design and screen
Designed with HD resolution full touch screen with large viewing angle, and equipped with a sturdy 316 steel bezel Corning Gorilla Hardness glass for any adventure with you. The DT68 is designed not as dull as a traditional mechanical watch, nor as exaggerated as a normal sports watch. The overall design that is balanced is elegant and unrestrained, whether it is in formal or casual wear. Business or sports, it’s up to you.
The DT68 isn’t too big or bulky, and neither is it heavy at just 59g. The watch’s two-tone color scheme is fun, with both dark and light grey portions on the version, with availability in white and Rose gold as well. The screen is slightly recessed, which adds a bit of protection, so that there are no signs of wear on either the body or the display – isn’t impressive? There’s an always-on display function, raise hand to wake up, which enables at-a-glance time-telling. In addition to being life-proof, the IP68 water and dust resistant casing will keep it alive in showers and mild submersion too. (Note: Can not be worn in hot water and sauna)

You can also buy a universal 22mm strap on the market for free replacement without any tools, and 20+ watchface with matching the dial style to help you navigate different occasions to stand out from the crowd.

From a pure functionality point of view, it covers the bases, flourishing in a couple of key areas. The illustrations for example throughout the UI are large, finger-friendly and easy to interact with and understand. The interface is also really intuitive – home screen, quick settings, notifications – all accessible by swiping in various directions.
Fitness tracking
The tracking also is hit and miss. About ECG detection, Because of Fusion PPG+HRV to measure accurate data with abandoning cumbersome medical equipment and display photoelectric waveforms, you can use it for heart health evaluation.
For heart rate, blood pressure and blood oxygen big data management, DT68 can give an analysis of subcutaneous blood flow through green light sensor LED light to pre-aware of your physical condition, you can also view more comprehensive data through the mobile app.
In addition, 9 sports modes, Walking, running, cycling, climbing, football, basketball and table tennis supported. It can be Wrist smart coach, able to accurately record real-time heart rate, mileage, pace, speed and other professional sports data. it helps you analyze and improve your exercise level.
Another thing the DT68 tracks is sleep, and it does so very well. There are two reasons for this – the DT68 is light, and it has great battery life. In addition, up to seven-day battery life of the DT68 meant you didn’t end up charging it overnight, but instead, did so in the day at work, just a bit more often than once a week. Wearing it for more sleeps meant the sleep tracking data it pulled was more complete, and it also seemed accurate too when used in conjunction with other trackers. It accurately monitors your different stages of sleep, including deep sleep, light sleep and night waking and give a scientific assessment of sleep quality. What’s more, there is vibrating alarm clock, and it can wake up without disturbing the person you love.

DT68 uses low-power chips to solve the traditional defects of smart watch battery life, and Large battery 230mAh with long standby for 50 days, for business trip, travel and camping can be without charger. Charging doesn’t take too long – about 2 hours will get you a full charge.

Who’s this for?
Given DT68’s price, and it works with Android and iOS, covers most exercises. And It is designed as a personal assistant, such as sedentary reminder, drinking Water Reminder, Bluetooth Photographing, Alarm reminders and other smart assistants make your life much easier. We recommend the DT68 as a good looking, feature rich smartwatch both for Sports and business use. We define it as a fun, affordable smartwatch that looks and feels well put together and packs heart rate monitor and seven day battery life, making DT NO.I latest offering a great value option for anyone who wants good looking and get notifications on their wrists.
The DT68 is also for fitness users looking for a little more out of a wearable than the basics. It has a savvy smartwatch-esque style, you’ll find just about every sought after fitness feature you might want, but for a lower price than the competition. If money is tight, but you want a fitness-centric smartwatch, the DT68 will fit the bill. It is always easy to find a cheaper wearable, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find anything better value.


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