DTNO.I DT66–The Smartwatch With Customized Watch Face For Women

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The round metal watch casing of DTNO.I DT66 is relatively slim, very sleek. You can customize the watch faces. You can even use photos from Instagram or Facebook to be the watch face. Slimmer watch case. Smartwatch regulates brightness to save on battery life. New health-focused features. It’s easy to use and it has advanced, easy-to-use fitness tracking features.

lWomen Health
       DTNO.I DT66 can set the Menstrual period & Pregnancy period’s menstrual length, cycle length, most recent menstruation and menstruation start reminder function on the APP. And The smartwatch will remind you to pay attention to your health. You can be more aware of your health.
lAuto Sleep Tracking
      With the help of the DT66 Smartwatch, sleep is easily monitored. In particular will help to know how much you need to rest at night in order to work productively during the day.

lHeart Rate Monitoring
     The DTNO.I DT66 smartwatch to Mobile phone via Bluetooth, allowing users to track their heart rate at the moment and also analyze their workouts after.
lBlood oxygen & Blood Pressure
     DT66 is very simple and easy to operate, thanks to its one-button control. This makes the whole process of recording your blood pressure and oxygen simple and direct.
lSee any Messages
     The convenience of the watch lies in the fact that you can watch notifications without getting the phone out of your pocket.
lMultiple Sports Modes
      The types of activities it monitors include running, cycling, climbing, basketball, badminton and football.
lTracks All-day Activity
     DT66 smartwatch performs all the functions that are in a usual activity tracker: counts the steps, the distance traveled, calories burned, and measures the heart rate using the built-in sensor.
DT66 Smartwatch is waterproof IP67, with a 3-5 days battery life to boot.
Don’t miss such a women’s watch with exquisite appearance, function and Cost-effective.


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