DTNO.I Watch Face Design Contest
Base on this concept, DT NO.I has now started this watch face contest, build a stage for all design lovers. DT NO.I now sincerely invites you to participate in the DT NO.I watch face Design Contest, use technology to change our lives together. Use your creativity and imagination to express your pursuit of trends, regardless of theme or style! As long as you try, we are welcome any of your ideas!
DTNO.I Technology: The future of smart watch development
Smart watches have many advantages, such as easy to carry, close to the human body, and able to quickly perceive human needs. It combines big data and Internet of Things technology, and then introduces artificial intelligence technology to achieve real human-computer interaction. In the future, smart watches will become an important key node for the interconnection of people and other objects. Through voice interaction, virtual keyboards and virtual large screens are constructed to achieve input and output in many ways, forming a world of human body networking.
Fitness tracker vs Smartwatch, which is your favorite?
A fitness tracker is designed to keep track of your health and exercise. A smartwatch keeps track of your fitness too, but it also keeps you connected by delivering notifications and updates on your wrist.
Smartwatch on the go: Good things keep happening
DTNO.I mainly promotes business, sports, health management smartwatches, all of them are with advanced technology and complete functions. It has won many users and buyers’ trust with the concept of "continuously providing cost-effective and high-quality products and services for global customers and consumers”.
Is it necessary to have a smart watch?
Is it necessary to have a smart watch? Smart watches are not essential, but with this little smart gadget, it can actually improve the quality of our work, study, and life.
The Next Big Thing is In the Making, Smartwatch at the Fair
The booming popularity has brought about an upsurge of on-site signing. Visitors have come to experience and negotiate with the exhibitors from the first day to the present. Almost all the exhibits are all booked! The joy of the transaction made exhibitors truly feel the warmth of "spring"!
Does a Smartwatch have to be with a SIM Card?
A smartwatch needs a SIM card in order to use cellular connectivity to make phone calls, send text messages and receive notifications without connecting to a smartphone. Some watch users find it useless, while others think that is convenient for their life.
New Smartwatch Released on the 29th Shenzhen International Gifts & Home Fair
DTNO.I made a stunning appearance with the latest smart products, showing up with a brand new exhibition, attracting a large number of customers and attendees.
Joyful Reunion and Fruitful Return
A business dialogue like Shenzhen Gifts Fair, it is expected to attract nearly 200,000 buyers, where big exhibitors, big buyers, big names and experts will come, is worth of looking forward to.
What’s the Right Way to Clean Your Leather Strap for Smart watch
Just as different materials require different cleaning agents, how often you should clean your watch strap depends on how often and where you wear it.
Made For Fashion Girls – DT66 Presents
Wearing a watch makes us feel like we have more potential, maybe it’s because a timepiece is a symbol of maturity and punctuality (even if we’re habitually five minutes late or even more to everything).
Introducing DT66–smartwatch for girls.
Today, we’d love to introduce this excellent everyday, finely-crafted and reliable watch - DT66, for women to wear with confidence and style.
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