What are the benefits of smart watches that attract you?
DT88Pro smartwatches are especially good fitness based devices but most offer fitness tracking features these days as the technology is much cheaper to manufacture than it once was.
2021 Mid-year Smartwatch B2B Sales Promotion For DTNO.I DT89 Smart watch
The DT89 is a smartwatch suitable for everyone who enjoys electronics, sports, and style. The black and rose gold colouring of the body is eyecatching and elegant. The watch's band is made out of refined stainless steel and comes with a silicone strap as a replacement. A screen that measures 1.28 " displays everything you will need to know.
Shining Stars at the CTiS Shanghai: DT86
The DT86's design is great, it comes in two sizes, the controls are excellent, and it has all the right smartwatch features on board to make it useful every day. This is the best option for your future smartwatch.
WATCH ME: Hello, Harmony OS. Embrace the Whole Scene Intelligent New Life
Huawei can launch any operation system, like Harmony OS, but any new OS, like Harmony OS, may requires the market and partners to give answers. The final result depends on how many partners are willing to join Harmony 's camp.
In recent years, the sports and health has been on people’s lip, wearables market has been developing rapidly. According to the data of China's wearables shipments in the third quarter of 2020 released by IDC, the shipments of wearables in the third quarter increased by 15.3% year-on-year to 32.93 million units in China. Among them, Huawei's wearable device shipments topped the list with 9.41 million units, up 60.5 percent year on year, much faster than its rivals. From this trend, we can see the evidence for Huawei to increase its watch smart wearable devices.
5G Technology Unlock New Possibilities for Wearable Devices
Just as the previous generation of mobile data transmission (3G and 4G) made streaming music and streaming video a reality and a possibility for daily life, 5G-which may provide speeds up to 100 times higher than previous standards, this will enable the creation of new types of service and, pf course , new experience become possible.
How smart watches can change your life
Smart watches with wallet function: Do you feel that your wallet is full of credit cards and other useless things? Smart watches can replace your need to carry a credit card. Smart watches and the concept of "documents on cards" can replace the need to carry plastic cards in a wallet.
Scientific Review: How a Smart Watch is Positioning?
For the "vulnerable" people such as the elderly, children, and pregnant women, the smartwatch's functions such as positioning, calling, data monitoring, and movement trajectory are indispensable, and the positioning function is the most concerned by users. In view of offering any useful tips for your purchasing smart watch, in this Article, DTNO.I will break down the working principle of the positioning function of smart watches.
DTNO.I Watch Face Contest Monthly Report
The competition, which began last month, has already collected several entries. This month's design competition continues to accept entries. Of course, we have received many surprising works, and we will rank them together in the next selection. We hope you will continue to sign up for the prizes. The bonus is monthly, not a one-time bonus. Therefore, 1, 2 and 3 prizes will be selected every month to get cash awards. Quickly click on our entry to understand the registration!
Smartwatches are Improving the Way We Work
When wearable smart devices first appeared, they had one purpose: to be an extra screen for a smartphone. Smartwatches are supposed to show notifications and, of course, time, and give users another way to keep up with information and social updates -- as if we didn't already have enough!
Hot Selling Top 10 Smart Watch 2021 Recommended Best Wearable Device
Nowadays, the watch carries not only the function of time, but it can also do more things. Smartwatches are full of functions and have become intimate assistants for many users' lives. Therefore, if you want to connect to this online world at any time, then smartwatches are your must-have new technological products. Today, the editor of DTNO. I will take you to find out the TOP 10 smartwatches worth buying in 2021, don’t miss out on these great tips.
DTNO.I Technology: The future of smart watch development
Smart watches have many advantages, such as easy to carry, close to the human body, and able to quickly perceive human needs. It combines big data and Internet of Things technology, and then introduces artificial intelligence technology to achieve real human-computer interaction. In the future, smart watches will become an important key node for the interconnection of people and other objects. Through voice interaction, virtual keyboards and virtual large screens are constructed to achieve input and output in many ways, forming a world of human body networking.
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