Make your Social Manners Looks Smarter
Nowadays many people are wearing a smart watch for an more convenient and easier life. Checking telephone can be discourteous, while checking your watch could be, smart in a way. Supplanting that with a snappy look at your wrist is speedier, and a way to show your manner. Smart watch maybe the smallest device you can wear when connecting to the Web of Things, you can control your household applications through this small gadget, and the Internet of Things and 'Shrewd Home' innovation is just set to extend.
DTNO.I new Smartwatch Debut: DT94
Design and hardware The DT94 — follows the same general design blueprint as previous models. If you didn’t like the dual-material, rugged-like look before, you still won’t like it now. I think it looks fine, but it’s also quite nondescript.
Beginning of 2021: DTNOI Launching a Slew of Smartwatch
These new smartwatches will be available in both round and square dial shapes. Familiar heart rate monitoring, altitude, air pressure, ultraviolet light, and weather monitoring (via the mobile network) are essential. In addition, support for up to 23 languages has become the new bright spot of the smartwatch.
A new smartwatch experience powered by DTNOI
Smartwatches are the hottest trend in tech right now, in 2021, there are plenty of upcoming devices to get excited about.
DTNO.I The 28th China (Shenzhen) International Gifts and Homeware Exhibition
The four-day 28th China (Shenzhen) International Gifts, Crafts, Watches and Household Goods Fair (hereinafter referred to as “Shenzhen Gifts and Home Fair”) has been held at […]
DTNO.I Watch dt36: Affordable smartwatch launches in multiple colors with Bluetooth call
DTNO.I latest smartwatch here with Bluetooth call and it is a cheaper price. Priced at ~US$15, the DTNO.I Watch dt36 looks like an Apple Watch. The DTNO.I Watch dt36 has […]
DTNO.I DT66–The Smartwatch With Customized Watch Face For Women
The round metal watch casing of DTNO.I DT66 is relatively slim, very sleek. You can customize the watch faces. You can even use photos from Instagram or Facebook to […]
DTNO.I DT56–A stylish smartwatch that you will fall in love
This time, We are going to introduce you to the brand new No.I DT56 smartwatch. The following is the detailed information: Design and display 1.28-inch, 240 X […]
Don’t miss out! Newest DT55 business sports smartwatch
DTNO.I DT55 smartwatch is composed of exquisite and compact appearance, high-quality materials and advanced functions. Measuring in at a mere 11.8 mm and featuring a double crown 1.28″ […]
NO.I DT95—New business sports with bluetooth calling
DTNO.I DT95 supports Bluetooth 4.0 and 3.0. DT NO.I smartwatches come with low-power chips to solve the traditional problems of battery life. DT95 is packed with a 300MAH with […]
6 reason to choose NO.I DT89 smartwatch
Are you looking for a complete cheap smartwatch? Here is the new NO.I DT89 purchasable for less than 20 USD. Let’s find out, in detail, “6 reasons to […]
DT X–Let you see broader vision
DT X have slim and exquisite, active and colorful, Slim body with light and colorful strap. Three stylish wild colors: black, silver, gray.Two strap materials: silicone, steel […]
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