NO.I DT58PRO: Bracelet for monitoring body temperature. We are fighting Covid-19 together!

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The fact is that fever is one of the main symptoms of coronavirus COVID-19. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention around the world recommend that the body temperature of people who may be exposed to the virus be checked daily.
Now, DTNO.I has launched the DT58PRO temperature bracelet. As long as you wear NO.I DT58PRO bracelet, you can measure body temperature in real time anytime, anywhere.

It equipped the bracelet with a high-precision temperature sensor, which reached the level of 0.1°C for accurate detection. You can also view the historical data of automatic temperature measurement in the app and customize the automatic measurement interval.
The DT58PRO temperature bracelet is an upgraded version of DT58. Previously, NO.I released DT58. We believe everyone already knows DT58, DT58PRO has the same appearance as DT58, its function adds a thermometer. DTNO.I want to help more people focus on “health” and is committed to providing consumers with unique products!

DTNO.I DT58PRO body temperature smartwatch is indeed helpful for early diagnosis of COVID-19. After wearing the bracelet for the first time against the wrist for 5 minutes, the skin temperature and body temperature can be detected, and the temperature data it gives us will be very accurate. In addition, when we exceed 37.3 °, the clock will vibrate to remind you of high temperature.

DT58PRO smartwatches are also equipped with photoelectric sensors, one of the biggest features is HRV(Heart rate variability). You hold it down for 30 seconds, the ECG data will be more accurate. You can now test your heart rate, blood pressure, HRV on your wrist.
Another feature is respiratory guidance. You need to exhale and exhale for 2 mins to calm down and decrease your stress.As for clock faces, you can find various options in the profile tab within the app. The altimeter, ultraviolet, air pressure, and weather are pushed through the internet as usual. Let’s get to tracking basics, 7 sports modes, walking, running, cycling, hiking, treadmill, football, and basketball. As for sleep monitor, It breaks things down in light sleep, deep sleep and awake time. This time, they go back to app HPlus. You can customize your band experience to improve battery usage. You can set up reminders, app alerts, alarm clock, and more.

Battery Life and charge

No.I DT58 equips with 120mah battery, ensures your daily use for 5-7 days, and 20 days standby.
The charging method is USB charge. You need to plug out the USB part and plug into any standard USB port. The charging time is 2 hours.

DT58PRO has five colors available to select, they are black, white, purple, blue and red.

Bring it on! Let’s improve our physical condition through DT58PRO!



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