NO.I DT79: A Smart Watch with Large Battery and Full HD Display

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DTNO.I A brief overview of the classic look of the DT79 smartwatch is a new model in 2020. There are aspects of superiority and traditional conflict. As one of the leading smart wearable OEM/ODM manufacturers, Last year, we have launched several NO.I smartwatches with low prices and cutting-edge technology. Today, I want to introduce you to the DT79: HD circular display, large battery, Bluetooth calling, IP68 waterproof resistance and more.

Packaging and Design of DT79 Smartwatch

With the concise name DT79, DT NO.I is versatile and functional as a device that is able to adapt to each user’s style. Its sports essence is mainly concentrated on the most athletic buyers, but it is not an obstacle, so it can be speculated at any time because its aesthetic effects will not conflict on any occasion.
The product is an elegant box, rectangular. It’s basically white packaging with a product photo on the front of the clock and a product information label. DT NO.I comes with two belts in the device. One is made of black or orange silicone, which is sporty and very lightweight; the other leather, brown and black, is business style and more elegant. Beside, we have the following:
▪ 1x: DT79 smart watch
▪ 2x: 1Leather strap and 1free silicone strap
▪ 1x: magnetic charger
▪ 1x: instruction manual
Place a standard watch bracelet with studs separately, you need to install it yourself.

Gift silicone strap, so users can choose the style

The DT79 No. I watch has a stylish appearance and is perfect for any outfit. Whether we are sports users or more formal users, there is enough uncertainty in this area to adapt.
There is no doubt that the wisdom of DT NO.I helps to include two distinct belts. The device has a 1.3-inch screen with a resolution of 360 x 360 pixels. It’s a full circle full touch HD display, Can see everything clearly.

DT79 HD display full touch circular screen        All sensors and interfaces on the back of the DT79 NO.I dial

The bottom of the closed enclosure is black plastic, It is precisely here that all the connectors of the device are arranged, these connectors are responsible for charging the battery and obtaining all measurement data that records the user’s activity and health.
Two buttons on the side, one for power and one for forward or backward in menu navigation.
Turning the power on by pressing the top button also turns off the display, and the bottom step backwards when navigating the menu. The rest is the touch and swipe management in different directions.
There are microphones or speakers inside. so you can answer and make calls directly from your watch.


In addition to letting us know the time and date, the clock has many other features. They can be divided into two large pieces: sports and telephone interaction.
It has 9 sports modes: walking, running, hiking, cycling, football, basketball, table tennis,  papa and badminton.
DT79 is also equipped with +10 dials, which provide different information according to the use of the watch. There is also a clip-on the start screen, you can press and hold for a few seconds and then change from the pre-filled 10 options.
Swipe up to lower the curtains, you can change the brightness, and you can go to the setting DTNO.I DT79. Swipe up and down to access Bluetooth Call. And swipe to the side to enter the main menu:
-sports (sports) section-Measured according to the algorithm, because the type and time of the activity is usually indicated, so the number of calories in the output;
-Health department-Heart rate monitor, ECG, pulse oximeter;
-Sleep monitoring
-Music control section-This is really convenient, you can use the playlist launched on your smartphone and your smartphone to remotely control your music.
The health section offers a wealth of options and the pulse oximeter itself, That said, for a healthy user, you can use it during training to get extremely approximate guidance on heart rate or oxygen saturation in the blood.
In the “Basic Settings” section you can set the alarm. it can receive notifications from messaging applications and can even shoot cameras remotely.
As I mentioned in the report above, the display is a high-definition touchscreen, responds well to inputs, and is circular, unlike most Chinese smartwatches, which are squared in a circular dial.

Battery and charging

As for the battery, this device is equipped with a large battery of 560 mAh that can stand by more than ten days and can be used for 5 days under normal use, which is very good for a watch with all these features. As we can see, the charger is a cable that connects it to any powered USB input. The connector type is magnetic, which greatly facilitates the operation of connecting the cables.

Clock connection

A particularly important feature is the ability to synchronize the watch’s recorded data directly in the app. To do this, you need to download the Fundo app to pair it with your phone, The connection of No.I DT79 is very fast and simple via Bluetooth3.0. and then enable data synchronization in the Health app from settings.
It is important to note here that Bluetooth 3.0 can push data, but if you need to make calls and play music directly on the watch, you need to connect to the app ’s Bluetooth pairing 3.0 first, then go to the Bluetooth icon on the watch to find Phone paired with Bluetooth 4.0, and the phone must be turned on to set up Bluetooth pairing. This will become dual Bluetooth, and the Bluetooth icon will turn blue-green. This indicates that the dual Bluetooth connection is successful. Of course, if you want to turn off Bluetooth 4.0, you can turn it off or ignore this device directly in the phone settings.
As a basic series of smartwatches, DT79NO.I is a smartwatch product with a large battery of 560 mAh, a high-definition circular screen, and many outstanding features. With DT79, we can basically manage mobile phones, we can maintain control over our physical condition.



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