Experience & expertise

DT NO.I Team is composed of a number of professionals, each small team has its own professional experience and advantages.
Our team is made up of people with different backgrounds but the same goals. This combination enables it to become a strong team. They complete projects one by one through teamwork, and they will unite with each other to complete one challenge after another, with the ultimate goal of serving customers.

Our R&D Team

The R&D team is committed to the innovation and algorithm research of smart watches. They are dedicated to solve the application problem of smart watches. These watches can accurately monitor the physical changes of different groups of people in different usage scenarios and provide customers with customized solutions.

Overseas Sales Team

Our products lead the global high-end user experience, we treat every customer with a warm attitude and attentive service, and constantly develop new products and services to improve customer experience. We cherish every customer, enhance customer value, and maximize the scope of branding awareness and promotion, and improve sales.

Our China's Sales Team

Performance indicators and targets and evaluation standards are some of the regular components of our business. We work with customers to analyze order data to ensure that all key potential buyers have appropriate strategies and motivation to promote product sales. We check the target and completion volume regularly to ensure that there is no business omission.

Our Marketing Team

Product and branding promotion is very critical. We have experienced marketing experts to enhance the brand awareness of DT NO.I. At the same time, we also serve the customer’s marketing work, enhance the value of customers, and help customers in sales. Provide support for problems encountered in the sales process.

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