Apple Watch 7 is released, what is the trend of smart watches?
Every time Apple's new product launches always attract a lot of attention, some people jokingly call it the Spring Festival Gala of the science and technology industry. After watching the press conference, it's time to go back and study the direction of the new product. During the epidemic, Apple’s new product launch conference chose the form of an online conference, which also brought us more thinking.
Best Smart watch for runner-dt3pro
Running watches can honestly evaluate your efforts and achievements, whether it is calculating your running distance and speed, or using data about recovery, strength, and even nutrition.
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DTNO.I is a smartwatch brand that brings unique and affordable fitness wearable in the market was able to do it again, by bringing an affordable fitness smartwatch with a good hardware and features. DTNO.I released more new smartwatch models in this summer, introducing the DT3 and Watch3, 2 smartwatches that is wireless charging enabled with variety of fitness tracking options.
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